What is EHI?

The Association of the European Heating Industry (EHI) represents and promotes the common interests of 40 market leading companies and 14 associations in the European thermal comfort sector, which produce advanced technologies for heating in buildings, including: space heaters (boilers, electric and fuel driven heat pumps, micro-cogeneration), heating controls and components, heat storage and heat emitters (radiators, surface heating and cooling systems), renewable energy systems (solar thermal, geothermal, biomass). The industry has total sales of more than 20 billion euro and employs 120.000 people. 

The association of European Heating Industry was founded on 11 June 2002. It is the result of the merger of the former CEB (European Burner Committee), EBA (European Boiler Association), and AFECI (Association of European manufacturers of instantaneous gas water heaters and wall-hung boilers), whose history goes back into the 1960s.

EHI deals with the needs of the heating market from the point of view of industry. Its scope includes: the European regulatory framework, its implementation, and global aspects relating to the industry.

EHI’s mission

  • To represent its members’ interests towards European, national and worldwide bodies relevant to the industry
  • To position EHI as key player to EU regulators, by advocating for a robust and workable legislative framework for the European heating industry
  • To encourage the exchange of information and experience amongst its members, as well as co-operation with associations in similar fields
  • To contribute to meeting the ambitious EU energy and climate goals, based on energy efficiency, sustainability, affordability and security.
  • To promote efficient & environmentally friendly heating and hot water systems

EHI is a partner of:

The interactive BUILD UP web portal shares and promotes existing knowledge, guidelines, tools and best practices for energy-saving measures in buildings across Europe. At the same time, it informs and updates the market about the legislative framework in terms of goals, practical implications and future revisions.

Find resources, post your materials, and share knowledge on www.buildup.eu

the European portal for energy efficiency in buildings.


The European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC-Platform) brings together stakeholders from the biomass, geothermal and solar thermal sector - including the related industries - to define a common strategy for increasing the use of renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling.



Ecopliant aims to deliver the economic and environmental benefits of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC by strengthening market surveillance and so increasing levels of compliance across the Single Market. Being run by a consortium of National Government policy leads and MSAs from ten different countries, Ecopliant establishes a framework and supporting infrastructure for the cost-effective coordination of the monitoring, verification and enforcement of the Ecodesign Directive, as well as identifies and shares best practice.

Togerther with other representatives from European trade associations, consumer organisations, and environmental non-governmental organisations, EHI is part of the Ecopliant Advisory Group of European stakeholders, providing input to the development of the project on a voluntary basis.