PRESS RELEASE: Launched today! The energy label for heating appliances will boost energy efficiency in European homes

Brussels 26 September 2015

Today, for the first time, the energy efficiency of all new heating products will be clearly visible to European consumers. This is because the energy label for heating appliances enters the European market.

EHI, the Association of the European Heating Industry, covering about 90% of the heating market in Europe, welcomes the energy label as a turning point for energy efficiency in Europe.

Federica Sabbati, Secretary General of EHI, said:

The label for heating products is the most important of all energy labels: it has the potential to lead to large energy efficiency gains in our buildings. This is because 85% of the energy consumed in a building is energy consumed for heating. And today there are 78 million old and inefficient heating appliances installed in European homes. This is how big the change can be: from today onwards, millions of people will be able to see at a glance the energy efficiency gains they can obtain with a new appliance.

Ulrich Schmidt, EHI Chairman and Member of the Board of Bosch Thermotechnology said: 

Our companies are the world leaders in highly efficient and renewable heating technologies and this new label promotes them. This is why we are confident this important step for Europe. It will strongly support European energy efficiency targets. Moreover, it will have very beneficial effects on the EU economy, because it will support the most advanced heating solutions, which are typically European products.

The European Heating industry has committed to making the energy label a success. But it is not ‘just’ about labelling our products. We have been actively supporting the introduction of the label in the market, across all the supply chain. Some examples? 

National programmes can be found on the EHI website [click here]

Energy label for boiler         ©EHI
Energy label for boiler ©EHI