EHI Press Release: Efficient heat emitters, the missing link in improving the energy performance of Europe’s buildings

Frankfurt, 15 March 2017

Installing efficient heat emitters – be they efficient radiators, convectors or surface heating and cooling – will be quintessential to improve the efficiency of Europe’s old building stock. These improvements must be coherent with the customer's wish of thermal comfort. Therefore, to achieve the twin goals of saving energy as well as guaranteeing thermal comfort, heat emitters will need to play an essential role.

For EHI – the association of the European heating industry – a wider penetration of efficient heat emitters needs to be an integral part of Europe’s ambition to achieve 30% energy efficiency gains by 2030. With millions of inefficient heating appliances installed in Europe’s building today, the focus must be to improve the situation by adopting the whole heating system in the approach.

Why is taking a ‘whole system’ approach so important? EHI stresses that heating a building should be understood as a system: Heat should not only be generated in the most efficient way possible. Efficiently distributing and emitting heat around the building is equally important. Promoting efficient heat emitters can improve the efficiency of heating systems as well as enable renewable heat appliances to find their place in the market. A heating system can run most efficiently, when all its components are designed to work together. Therefore, a low-temperature heat generator (heat pump or condensing boiler) needs to be combined with low-temperature heat emitters in order to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency.

“European policy-makers need to turn their ‘energy efficiency first’ rhetoric into action. Improving the energy performance of a building will involve a modernisation of the whole heating system, which must include the heat emitters. In doing so, this will also achieve the desired comfort for the user” – specifies Klaus Rogetzer, Group Managing Director Central Rettig ICC.

The ongoing review of the European Union’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive offers an opportunity to raise the awareness about the importance of efficient heating systems in general and efficient heat emitters in particular. EHI – the association of the European Heating Industry – recalls that buildings account for 36% of EU emissions and that heating and hot water typically account for about 85% of the energy consumption of a building.

Further reading: EHI paper “Heat emitters: The forgotten part of the energy efficiency equation” available for download below.


EHI, the Association of the European Heating Industry, represents 90% of the European market for heat and hot water generation, heating controls and heat emitters, as well as 75% of the hydronic heat pump market. Our Members produce advanced technologies for heating in buildings, including surface heating & cooling. In doing so, we employ directly more than 120.000 people in Europe and invest more than half a billion euro a year in energy efficiency.