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This is a monthly European Heating Industry Desk newsletter focusing on issues that shape the general business environment for our members operating in China. This newsletter is forwarded to members of the Beijing and Shanghai European Heating Industry Desk. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Tiantian QI in Shanghai or visit the European Heating Industry Desk Website.


EHI Desk GM meeting: 21st February 2017, 09.30 am
Chamber office Shanghai and Beijing via video link


  • Debriefing by Tiantian on the EHI meeting in Brussels
  • Discuss the renewal of contracts and recruitment of new members to have a 50% desk. We need to have GM look at the potential desk member list and start to liaise with more members to join the task force if heading for a 50% desk.
  • A joint action on the ISH Frankfurt or not? (Per meeting minutes in November: In 2015, Bosch once proposed to coordinate desk member and customer visits to the European headquarter. Desk members expressed that they are still interested in this and suggest that it can go together with the ISH in Frankfurt in March the next year. Yet EHI China members have not reached an agreement on whether stakeholders should be invited as well, given that ISH is more of technology showcase nature, and member companies will get back to Tiantian on their decision whether or not to make it a joint action or separately as it is)
  • New policy on low nitrogen for discussion: Viessmann give a presentation on this topic
  • And the last question: EHI asking QT join ISH Frankfurt ( ) said it is a very important trade exhibition.
  • EHI Mini PP 2017 topics and leading pens


SPC: 最高人民法院:《关于为自由贸易试验区建设提供司法保障的意见》全文及解读

State Council: Notice on <13th FYP on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction> 国务院关于印发“十三五”节能减排综合工作方案的通知

State Council: Notice on 国务院关于扩大对外开放积极利用外资若干措施的通知

State Council: 国务院关于加强政务诚信建设的指导意见

State Council: 国务院办公厅关于加强个人诚信体系建设的指导意见

State Council: Notice on 国务院办公厅关于印发生产者责任延伸制度推行方案的通知

NDRC: 国家发展改革委关于印发中原城市群发展规划的通知

MOFCOM: <13th FYP on Consumer Service Industry Development> 商务部关于印发《居民生活服务业发展“十三五”规划》 的通知

MOFCOM: <13th FYP on Foreign Trade Development> 商务部关于印发《对外贸易发展“十三五”规划》的通知

SAIC: 国家工商总局:网络购买商品七日无理由退货暂行办法

SAIC Releases Newly Revised 国家工商总局:新修订《商标审查及审理标准》公布增加声音商标审查标准等内容

GAC:  海关总署公告2016年第86号(关于海关特殊监管区域和保税监管场所保税货物流转管理的公告)

Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce: 上海市工商行政管理局关于在浦东新区和自贸试验区开展企业名称登记改革试点的若干意见

Shanghai Makes Adjustment to Implementation of FTZ Laws & Regulations 上海市人大常委会通过修正案,对接国家战略从法制层面提供保障自贸区法规调整实施不再三年为限


NBS: CPI Increases 2.1% Year-on-year in Dec 2016 2016 年12月份居民消费价格同比上涨2.1%

NBS: PPI Increase 5.5% Year-on-year in Dec 2016 2016 年12月份工业生产者出厂价格同比上涨5.5%

NBS: China’s Manufacturing Industry PMI is 51.4% in December 2016 2016 年12月中国制造业采购经理指数为51.4%

NBS: China’s Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index is 54.5% in December 2016 2016 年12月中国非制造业商务活动指数为54.5%

State Council Convenes Press Conference on Leading New Normal for China’s Economic Development and Deepening Supply Side Reform 新闻办就引领经济发展新常态和深化供给侧改革举行发布会 NDRC Convenes Press Conference on Macroeconomic Operation 国家发改委就宏观经济运行情况举行发布会(2017年1月12日)

MOFCOM Briefs on China’s Absorption of Foreign Investment in 2016 商务部外资司负责人谈1-12月我国吸收外资情况

MOFCOM Briefs on China’s Overseas Investment in 2016 商务部合作司负责人谈2016年我国对外投资合作情况

GAC Briefs on Imports & Exports of 2016  海关总署介绍2016年全年进出口情况


Urbanization to unleash China’s growth potential China
Daily, 3rd January

China's urbanization drive will boost domestic consumption and investment in the future, analysts have said. The country aims to add 100 million urban residents during 2016 to 2020, while enabling 100 million rural residents to live in towns and cities in central and western regions. Population concentration together with improvement in livelihoods will expand demands in consumer services, said Chi Fulin, director of the China Institute for Reform and Development. It is estimated that if migrant workers spend as much as urban residents, the country's consumption will swell by over 1 trillion yuan. Besides, every percentage of urbanization is predicted to translate into 3.7 percent investment growth. When 400 million people bid adieu to villages in the next 10 to 20 years, they will directly stimulate investment demands of 40 trillion yuan.

China eyes greener energy mix by 2020
Xinhua, 6th January

China's total energy consumption will be capped at 5 billion metric tons of coal equivalent by 2020, representing an annual uptick of about 2.5 percent between 2016 and 2020, deputy head of the National Energy Administration (NEA) Li Yangzhe said Thursday. The growth rate will be lower than the annual increase of 3.6 percent registered during the 2011-2015 period, Li said at a press conference reviewing highlights of the five-year plan for 2016-2020 for the energy sector.

Gas Safety Trust Calls For Grant Applications
PHAM News, 6th January

The Gas Safety Trust (GST) has announced its next round of funding for grant applications following the achievement of a £1.5 million grant milestone, having funded a variety of programmes and projects relating to gas safety and carbon monoxide (CO) since 2013.

China Heat Meter Industry Report 2016-2020
PRNewswire, 9th January

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "China Heat Meter Industry Report, 2016-2020" report to their offering. Currently, there are more than 300 heat meter producers in China, of which more than 25 ones can produce over 200,000 heat meters annually. WeihaiPloumeter, Jiangsu Metter Smart Meter, Beijing Tian Ruixiang Equipment, Tianjin GuangDaWeiYe Measuring Instrument Technology, etc. sell more than 300,000 heat meters each year. By product, China-made products dominate the current market with the share of 80%. With the growth in installation and application of heat meters in China, the long-term reliable operation of heat meters has drawn the attention and concern of users. In order to ensure the long service life of heat meters, durability tests are inevitable in accordance with relevant provisions.

Target is Subordinate to Economic Reforms China Daily,
11th January

China's top economic regulator pledged on Tuesday to set higher goals for cutting overcapacity this year while fending off financial risks. The pledge comes as the nation works to achieve more healthy growth with less emphasis on a specific growth target. The economic growth of the world's second-largest economy in 2016 is estimated at 6.7 percent, well within the 6.5 to 7 percent target range for last year, according to Xu Shaoshi, head of the National Development and Reform Commission. The economic growth target for this year is to reflect expectations while not considered binding, according to Xu, as the nation focuses more on resolving key structural challenges. His comments were in line with the tone set by the Central Economic Work Conference held in late December. The conference put more emphasis on reducing financial risks, cutting overcapacity and preventing asset bubbles, rather than simply hitting a growth target. The nation met this year's target of reducing 45 million tons of steel and 250 million tons of coal production capacity ahead of schedule. But more progress should be achieved this year in excess production capacity reduction, and more pressure needs to be put on enterprises to achieve that goal, Xu said.

China central SOEs profits grow slightly
Xinhua, 14th January

China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) administered by the country's state-asset regulator saw profits slightly up in 2016. Central SOEs made total profits of 1.23 trillion yuan ($178 billion), up 0.5 percent year on year, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission said in a statement. Growth picked up from a 5.6-percent decrease in 2015. Revenues of these companies rose 2.6 percent year on year to 23.4 trillion yuan. Some 96 central SOEs reported year-on-year profit growth last year, the statement said. The improving figures came as the country's economy grew at a steady pace. In the first three quarters of 2016, the economy expanded 6.7 percent year on year, well within the government's annual growth target of between 6.5 and 7 percent.

Xi: Sino-Swiss Ties Example to the World China
Daily, 16th January

The China-Switzerland relationship has become a paradigm of relations between countries of different sizes, President Xi Jinping said on Sunday during his state visit to the country. Xi made the remarks during a tea chat with his Swiss counterpart Doris Leuthard on a special train of the Swiss government running from Zurich to Bern. Xi is on a four-day trip to Switzerland until Wednesday, during which he will pay a state visit to Switzerland, attend the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) and visit some Geneva-based international organizations. As one of the first Western countries to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, Switzerland has taken the lead in developing cooperation with China, recording a trove of "firsts" in this process, Xi said. He cited Switzerland's lead on the continental Europe to sign and implement a free trade agreement with China, and join the China-proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. In 2016, Switzerland became the first and only country to set up a strategic partnership with China featuring innovation. China has 102 centrally administered SOEs, which manage the bulk of the country's state assets.

China to cap coal consumption at 4.1 billion tons by 2020
Xinhua, 18th January

By 2020, the share of coal in the country's energy mix should fall below 58 percent, said the energy sector's five-year plan for 2016-2020, released by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration. Coal accounted for 64 percent of primary energy in 2015. By 2020, China's total energy consumption will be capped at 5 billion tons of coal equivalent, representing an annual rise of about 2.5 percent between 2016 and 2020. The share of non-fossil fuels will rise to more than 15 percent and the share of natural gas should reach 10 percent. District Heating and Cooling Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Trends and Forecast 2016 - 2024 PR Newswire, 20th January The district heating and cooling (DHC) market report by Transparency Market Research provides in-depth analysis of the district heating and cooling market globally. The report segments the market on the basis of geography. The report analyzes the global district heating and cooling market in terms of both energy sales volume (Tera Joules) and revenues (US$ Mn) for the years 2016–2024. For this research study, the base year is 2015, whereas the forecast is from 2016 to 2024. The report also provides investment figures by DHC players in district heating and cooling generation (boilers and chillers) and distribution (pipes, pressure pumps, and valves). The report provides a comprehensive competitive landscape and features companies manufacturing district heating and cooling systems.

Domestic consumption remains key driver China
Daily, 21st January

China's domestic consumption has remained a strong contributor to the economy, helping drive it as the country has undergone economic restructuring in recent years-but last year it flagged, according to the latest official statistics released in Beijing on Friday. Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that in 2016, domestic consumption contributed 64.6 percent to growth in GDP, dipping 1.8 percentage points from a year ago. More listed

Chinese companies forecast rising profits
Xinhua, 24th January

More than three in four Chinese listed companies forecast higher profits for 2016 compared with a year earlier, providing further evidence of improvement in the country's macroeconomic environment. Among 1,731 companies that had filed performance estimates to stock exchanges by Sunday, 1,311 companies -- 75.7 percent of the total -- said their unaudited profits rose year-on-year, according to Wind Info, a Shanghai-based financial information provider. The proportion is higher than the 65.3 percent of listed companies that reported year-on-year profit rises in the first three quarters of 2016. Another 20.9 percent of companies said their 2016 profits may drop from a year ago, while the remainder said the changes would be uncertain, Wind Info said.



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