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This is a monthly European Heating Industry Desk newsletter focusing on issues that shape the general business environment for our members operating in China. This newsletter is forwarded to members of the Beijing and Shanghai European Heating Industry Desk. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Tiantian QI in Shanghai via, or visit the European Heating Industry Desk Website.


If you wish to comment on any of the below calls for comment through the European Chamber, please contact us. NDRC: Call for Comments on < Administrative Measures on Trading Credit of Public Resources (Draft for Comments)>


Deadline: March 21th, 2017

为贯彻落实《国务院办公厅关于印发整合建立统一的公共资源交易平台工作方案的通知》(国办发〔2015〕63号),加强公共资源交易信用管理,营造诚实守信的市场环境,国家发展改革委会同国务院有关部门起草了《公共资源交易信用管理办法(征求意见稿)》。有关单位和社会各界人士可以在2017年3月21日前,登录国家发展改革委门户网站(首页“意见征求”专栏,进入“《公共资源交易信用管理办法(征求意见稿)》公开征求意见”栏目,提出意见建议。…… For full text in Chinese, please click here



NDRC: (2017 No.1) 国家发展改革委:战略性新兴产业重点产品和服务指导目录(2016版)(2017年第1号)

NDRC: Supervisory and Regulatory Measures on Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce  国家发展改革委:关于印发《行业协会商会综合监管办法》的通知

NDRC: Implementation Suggestions on Supervisory and Inspecting Measures for Further Transparency and Random Sampling 国家发展改革委关于印发《在项目稽察中推行“双随机、一公开”实施意见》的通知

MOF: To Invest in the Field of Energy-Saving and Pollution-Reducing 财政部:中央财政支持重点领域节能减排

SCLAO: Q&A on Pilot Law Enforcement System Proposed on The fourth plenary session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee > 国务院法制办就行政执法三项制度试点方案答问 M

OFCOM& MIIT& MOA& CFDA& AQSIQ& Others: Guiding Opinions on Improving Information Traceability System for Key Products 7部门关于推进重要产品信息化追溯体系建设的指导意见

MOFCOM: To Convene Regular Press Conference 商务部召开例行新闻发布会

SAIC: Opinions on Strengthen the Protection on Consumer Rights 工商总局出台加强12315消费者权益保护工作意见

SAIC: To Confirm the Focus of Work in 2017 工商总局市场规范管理司明确2017年工作重点

AQSIQ: National Standards to be Disclosed for Free 质检总局:国家标准将全面免费公开 GAC: 海关总署公告2017年第9号(关于外商投资企业注册登记有关事宜的公告)

Pudong District Market Regulation Authority: 浦东新区市场监管局出台《关于加强随机抽查工作的意见》



NDRC: Statistics of Chemical Industry in 2016 2016年化工行业运行情况

NDRC: Statistics of Construction Industry in 2016 2016年建材行业运行情况

NDRC: Statistics of Steel Industry in 2016 2016年钢铁行业运行情况

NDRC: Statistics of Nonferrous Metals Industry in 2016 2016年有色金属行业运行情况

MIIT: Statistics of Consumer Goods Industry in 2016 2016年1-12月消费品工业运行质量效益基本情况

China Consumer Inflation Quickens to 2.5% in January, 2017 2017年1月份居民消费价格同比上涨2.5%

Industrial Producer Prices Quickens to 6.9% in January, 2017 2017年1月份工业生产者出厂价格同比上涨6.9%

The RMB Exchange Rate Index to Drop Slightly in January 1月份人民币汇率指数小幅贬值

State Council: Premier Li Chairs Executive Meeting of State Council to Ease Restrictions of Investing in Social Sectors; To Fasten the Internet Speed and Cut Costs; To Lower Costs for Startups and Innovation to Foster Industry Upgrade; To Pass < PRC Standardization Law (Revised Draft) 李克强主持召开国务院常务会议 部署放宽社会领域投资管理 更好激活力补短板惠民生 要求进一步加大网络提速降费力度 降低创业创新成本促进产业升级 通过《中华人民共和国标准化法(修订草案)》

China to Step up SOE Reform with Fruitful Achievements Obtained 国企混改将迈实质性步伐 中央企业各级子企业公司制改制面超92%

SAIC Director: To Step up the Reform and Innovation of Market Regulatory Mechanism 工商总局局长:巩固扩大商事制度改革效应 推进市场监管改革与创新

Free Trade Zone to Drive Annual Foreign Investment by 18.8% in Pudong New Area. 自贸区助力浦东新区实到外资年增长18.8%

DIHK: China Surpassed U.S. to Become Germany’s Largest Trading Partner 德国工商总会:中国超越美国成为德国最大贸易伙伴

Shanghai Free Trade Zone to Add a Reform Pilot 上海自贸区再添一项改革试点


China to Launch Trading Of Green Certificates for Solar And Wind Power To Cut Subsidies On Renewable
South China Morning Post, 3rd February

In a pilot program, the NDRC, the state economic planning agency, said solar and wind producers would be issued with tradable certificates, proving that electricity has been generated through renewable energy sources. Renewable energy users such as private and state businesses would be encouraged to buy the certificates, which would then entitle them to an unspecified payment. Each certificate would represent 1 megawatt hour of power, the NDRC said.

China to Further Open up Development Zones
Xinhua,7th February

China will continue to open up its development zones to attract foreign investment and promote international cooperation, according to the State Council on Feb. 6. The government will support the country's development zones to improve their capability to facilitate foreign trade and encourage international business, according to a guideline released by the State Council. Development zones are pioneer areas in China's opening up campaign. China has over 1,500 national and provincial development zones, which enjoy preferential policies to help nurture technological innovation, free trade, tourism and other key drivers of economic growth.

Consumption Expansion to Boost the National Economy
Economic Daily, 9th February

In 2016, the feature that China's economy relies on consumption-driven become more apparent. From perspective of the contribution to economic growth, in the first season of last year, the first half year and the first three seasons, the final rate that consumption expenditure contributed to the economic growth is: 83.7%, 73.4% and 71%. In 2016, the final contribution of consumer spending to economic growth was 64.6%, higher than 2015 by 4.9 percentage points.

Overseas NGOs Are Welcome in China, Security Officials Say
China Daily, 10th February

China said overseas NGOs are welcome to carry out friendly exchanges and cooperation in the country.Efficient and convenient services will be provided for overseas NGOs and their legitimate rights and interests will be protected, according to a statement from the overseas NGO management office under the Ministry of Public Security.Authorities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province have issued registration certificates to 32 representative offices of NGOs from outside the Chinese mainland, according to the MPS.

China Daily: Shanghai Free Trade Zone Slated to Become Free Port
China Daily, 14th February

Shanghai has moved to deepen reforms by reinventing its pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) into a world-class free port, Shanghai Securities News reported on Tuesday.Such an ambition would be accompanied by plans to further relax import cargo controls and streamline customs clearance in accordance with international practice."

Installers Well Placed to Promote CO Safety
PHAM News, 17th February

Home safety specialist Honeywell is calling on installers to help educate the public on carbon monoxide following alarming new statistics released by the CO Be Alarmed campaign. The campaign’s UK wide survey revealed that 52% of householders do not have a CO alarm in their home, with 27 million people considered to be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A separate study, conducted by CO Be Alarmed in 2012, found that many homeowners incorrectly believe their smoke alarm would detect a CO leak, further highlighting the lack of understanding amongst the general public.

Emerging Innovation Powerhouse with New Patent Policy
China Daily, 20th February

Some recent headlines claim Chinese companies overwhelmingly "don't innovate", "lack creativity" and with the help of the Chinese authorities are "thieving" US intellectual property. They also claim the new administration in the United States has vowed to tackle this "massive theft". But other headlines state China is a "top innovator" because it receives the most patent applications of any country and that the Chinese government strongly supports this growth through strategic planning. These disparate narratives suggest that China's patent policy has either failed to make China an innovative country, or it is already an innovation powerhouse.

China's Consumption to Maintain Strong Growth in 2017
Xinhua, 21st February

China will maintain strong growth in consumption this year with deepening supply-side structural reform, Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng said Tuesday. The trend will persist between 2016 and 2020 and feature more online retail sales and consumption of more quality goods and services, he said at a news conference, citing stellar growth in these sectors.

PwC: China to Become World’s Largest Economy by 2050
CGTN, 21st February

A new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) suggests China could be the largest economy in the world and account for 20 percent of global GDP by 2050.The research by the "Big Four" auditor forecasts that the US and Europe will steadily lose ground to China and India over the coming decades.

New Boiler Can Affect Home Buyer’s Decision
PHAM News, 22nd February

It will come as no surprise that a new kitchen or bathroom can go some way in making a home that’s for sale more attractive to potential buyers, but a new boiler can have an influence too, according to the latest research from Its survey of 2000 people shows that a new boiler installation influences house hunters’ decisions about 43% of the time, and 20% of those surveyed said they’d be willing to offer a higher price for a property with a new boiler.

China Urges Efforts to Boost Smart Manufacturing
Xinhua, 27th February

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai has urged more efforts to make the country's manufacturing industry smarter and more competitive. China has made headway in smart manufacturing development since "Made in China 2025" was unveiled, but the country still had a long way to go to reach international advanced levels, Ma said during an inspection tour in Northeast China's Liaoning province from Thursday to Friday. "Made in China 2025" was a plan released by the government in 2015 to transform China from a manufacturing giant into a world manufacturing power. Authorities and companies should give priority to smart manufacturing in their efforts to upgrade the manufacturing industry, said Ma.





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