12th IEA Heat Pump Conference

Monday, May 15, 2017 - 09:30 - Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 17:00

The Netherlands is organizing the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam under the theme: ‘Rethink Energy, Act NOW’! (Registration is open: http://hpc2017.org/registration/)

The Conference will start on Monday 15th May with a number of workshops and a number of excursions. That evening there will be a welcome reception at Rotterdam City Hall. On Tuesday 16th May the Conference will continue with a plenary opening session with high level speakers and then three days of presentations (see the detailed programme here). Keynote presentations will open each morning and afternoon session. The very successful call for papers has generated more than 350 high quality abstracts. The Conference therewith will have the unique opportunity to present four main conference tracks.

  • Smart Grids, District Heating
  • Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
  • Industrial Heat Pumps and Waste Heat
  • Sorption Technologies and Working Fluids

Each of these tracks will have up to 40 oral presentations and a large number of poster presentations. Within those main tracks topics such as Air Conditioning, Ground Sources and Combination with other renewable technologies will also be highlighted. In the draft program the track on Smart Grids, District Heating will focus on the important link between smart grids, hybrid solutions, storage and district heating as part of an integrated community energy supply system for residential as well as commercial and industrial areas. These presentations range from business models for contracting the flexibility of residential heat pumps to a virtual energy storage network providing flexibility for the power system. They also include presentations on the testing of smart heat pump controllers and hybrid heat pumps providing demand flexibility with hybrid heat pumps in combination with district heating. As for Smart Grids, storage will be the game changer; there are presentations on storage systems and domestic hot water as solutions.

The track on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings will show a number of practical solutions, with domestic hot water becoming the key factor in the overall energy demand and renovation as the main challenge. In addition to R&D, the presentations will also show project examples. As NZEB’s will be mandatory in the EU in 2020 in new buildings, there will a presentation on experiences with a Zero Energy district in Netherlands, showing their first results at the conference.

Fairly unique at this conference are the tracks on Industrial Heat Pumps/Waste Heat and Sorption and Gas Technologies. For each of these tracks over 45 abstracts have been submitted. The interest from industry in heat pumps is growing as High Temperature applications are reaching the market and industry can benefit from fluctuating electricity prices by using CHP during high rates and heat pumps and vapour recompression at low electricity rates. This hybrid energy supply leads to a robust energy supply system whereby companies are less vulnerable to fluctuations in the electricity market. A number of presentations in the track on industrial heat pumps and the sessions on working fluids focus on these developments.

The workshops on the first day of the conference will be held in a format where discussions with the experts will provide answers to questions such as what to do and how to organise, keeping in mind the theme of the Conference, ‘Rethink Energy, Act NOW’. The workshops will start with a number of elevator pitches, challenging the experts into discussion.

There will be five workshops focusing on themes:

  • NZEB for renovation residential applications
  • Smart grids, community energy supply systems and district heating
  • Industry closing the production cycles
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • Ground Sources and ATES

The results and recommendations of these workshops will be presented at the final plenary session of the conference. During the conference an exhibition will be held in the main hall of the World Trade Centre. Suppliers and manufacturers can and will showcase their products. The venue of the World Trade Centre is located in the central heart of Rotterdam; this location offers a full-service concept. The 37 different rooms accommodating from 10 to 1000 people do not only vary in size but also in ambience and design. With the green, elliptical office tower and the grand staircase at the entrance and catchers monument radiates naturally allure. This conference is the perfect forum to learn from and communicate with industry and research experts from all over the world.

With participants from 32 countries, the event is a key event for policymakers, executives and representatives from industry, utilities and the public sector, R&D managers and technology supporters, energy managers, planners, consultants, etc. This is the place to be for all those who wish to learn about the market trends and the future applications of heat pumps. Time to prepare for an extraordinary 4-day meeting in Rotterdam! Register now, as the registration for the Conference is now open( http://hpc2017.org/registration/) and keep yourself informed through the website of the Conference subscribing to the Conference Newsletter/mail. Travel information to this great city of Rotterdam can be found on the website under: http://hpc2017.org/about-rotterdam/ and under: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/the-netherlands/rotterdam. Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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