Smart Metering and Smart Home

Smart meters

Smart metering technologies provide accurate measurement and transmission of electricity, gas, water or heat consumption data, in a two-way information gateway and communication infrastructure between the metering systems and relevant parties and their systems.

Widespread deployment of smart meters will completely change the way that metering works.  They provide customers a direct overview of consumption and cost and thus, contribute to a more energy-efficient behaviour. The utility companies also benefit from improving load planning.

Moreover, electronic meters form the junction between the building’s energy management and the Smart Grid, making them an indispensable part of the new energy landscape in the long term.

Smart homes

Home automation, smart building energy management systems in the “Smart Home”, optimise energy consumption in residential buildings by linking all electronic systems and sensors of a house with one another – from the controls of the kitchen blinds to the thermostatic controls in individual rooms. This networking and communication among all relevant applications and systems in buildings automatically facilitate maximum energy utilisation of all components, without loss of comfort and in a safe manner.  All communication is wireless, via remote control, mobile devices or via the internet.