Intelligent Control and Communications

Solution advantages

  • Efficiently controlling all components of a central heating system
  • Facilitating integration of renewable energies
  • Maximising energy use and comfort
  • User-friendly and future-oriented technology

Technology that thinks

Modern central heating systems are no longer imaginable without intelligent control technology. This is based on innovative micro-electronics and ensures the optimal interplay between all the heating components – including central heating appliances, burners, heating pumps and heat emitters – to deliver the desired temperature in the right place at the right time.

The technology is user-friendly and more energy efficient than ever. As consumers can target heat to just those areas where it is needed, control technology helps to reduce running costs on a long term basis. A display makes the fuel economy data clear, registers the operating status and indicates if any maintenance is needed. Occupants can easily carry out modifications to the programme.

Heat at the press of a button

Today’s heating systems offer significantly more than earlier generations: domestic hot water, heating as well as ventilation can be controlled centrally. In addition, they can be run as bivalent systems, that is to say they can be run with two energy sources at the same time, including renewable energies.

For example, control technology integrates the energy from the solar thermal installation into the system. If not enough heat is produced because of adverse weather conditions, then the heat generator cuts in, activated by the control technology running in the background.

Remote controlled heating systems

The potential of  today’s control technology for heating systems can be fully exploited in combination with modern communication technology. It is possible to control the heating system in the cellar from the living room with a remote control unit, or via the internet with the help of mobile devices and specifically developed applications.

Managing energy consumption efficiently

A modern heating system can be controlled by a central computer, which manages all the data, programmes and information. Basically, an “on-board computer” of this kind lends itself to intuitive use by means of a touch screen. With it, residents can create heating profiles for individual rooms, set a minimum temperature or adjust the radiator valves. Sensors detect the ambient conditions, which the system evaluates and reacts to accordingly. Thus control and communication technology makes possible an energy management system, which is exactly tailored to the needs of the occupants.

Controls - service using a laptop
Controls - service using a laptop
Control - remote diagnosis
Control - remote diagnosis