Energy and Technology Mix: Hybrids

Solution advantages

  • Reducing running costs and improving overall system energy efficiency
  • Reducing primary energy consumption
  • Combining several energy efficiency measures with best practice technologies incorporating renewable energies
  • Ensuring security of supply and avoiding peak consumption

Tailored solutions

Decades ago,  the choice was limited for the types of heating systems available on the market. Based on continuous research and development, the heating sector has developed in recent years a multitude of solutions for all residential, commercial and industrial needs. Technologies have improved and multiplied, so have the energy sources.

Individual products and systems are tailored today to all needs, leading to a wide range of flexible and complex solutions. The right choice for a system depends upon the framework conditions, particularly upon the heat demand of the building, its use, its positioning (climatic zone and facade orientation), its ground surface size, and, last but not the least, the preferences of the investors.

Mix and match for optimal results

Each technology and energy source has its own advantages as well as downsides. This has led manufacturers to consider the feasible combinations of existing technologies and energy sources, in order to maximise their benefits and compensate their weaknesses.

The possible combinations are limited only by the physical and economic feasibility. Several technical terms are used by specialists, each with their different specifications, such as bivalent systems, dual fuel systems, or hybrids. These combinations provide centrally controlled space heating, cooling, domestic hot water or power, generally from two or more different energy sources.

The most well known combinations bring together heat pumps with (gas or oil) boilers, gas or oil boilers with biomass boilers, any heat generator with solar thermal systems. Recent developments bring these solutions towards integrated appliances, provided as single package solutions suitable for a large variety of building contexts.

Hybrid heat pump - Wall-hung
Hybrid heat pump - Wall-hung
Hybrid heat pump - floor standing
Hybrid heat pump - floor standing